Advisory services

Services and Competences

DTU offers international advisory services and capacity building, covering the entire value chain, from mapping of energy resources, technology solutions, and systems integration to policy advice and implementation. We bring together the required specialist competences necessary to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions to our clients. You can have a look at our specific services and competences in the headings above.

Our clients include governments, development banks, and international organizations, and we often work in collaboration and in consortia with private sector and organizations.

About 20 percent of DTU’s 5,800 employees work with research-based advisory services directed towards public organizations.  This activity generates an annual turnover of approximately DKK 1 billion (USD 150 million).

DTU’s research-based advisory services also include close collaboration with industrial stakeholders, such as providing advice related to front-end innovation, deployment of new technologies and test and demonstration facilities.

No one-size-fits-all solutions

REPLI offers no one-size-fits-all solutions. The challenges in growing cities, rural areas and isolated islands are extremely diverse when it comes to securing clean and cheap energy without affecting our climate system. 

In each case, REPLI takes the actual local situation, available resources, existing infrastructure, and local competences as a starting point for utilization and integration of clean energy sources such as solar, wind and thermal energy. 


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DTU UNEP Partnership

DTU forms a partnership with UN Environment Programme (UNEP). This partnership - the UNEP DTU Partnership - is a leading international research and advisory institution on energy, climate and sustainable development. As a Collaborating Centre, it is an active participant in both the planning and implementation of UNEP’s Climate Change Strategy and Energy Programme.

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The big challenge in the transition to a non-fossil energy system with a high share of fluctuating renewable energy sources is to secure a well-functioning and stable electricity infrastructure. DTU International energy report 2015 analyses the challenges and possible solutions. Get the report.